Tuesday 28 August 2018

Owls in the barn...... owls in the nestbox........ a barn full of owls

Owlets 3 - 4 weeks old 

Adult delivering food
Tonight it will be dusk at around 8.30 pm. if you wait quietly outside my barn you will see two adult owls swooping in with food for their young that hatched about six weks ago. Three owlets hatched from a clutch of five eggs.

We have had a nestbox up in the roof of the barn for over 18 months and this was a surprise and a rather late nesting. At six weeks of age now a size where they can be handled and ringed by Hamza an experienced bird ringer. Today he took a look inside with his mobile phone.

Although there are three young birds you can only see two in the video and there's a unhatched egg in the foreground.