Friday 19 August 2022

Coco...... A little black number

After doing 500+ blog posts by last December I ran out of steam or maybe it was, " blogger's block" but now things have moved on. Bojo the Clown our incompetent, lying, indolent Prime Minister has been sacked leaving the UK with a zombie government while a new PM is chosen. It looks as if our next will be Liz Truss, a  third rate Margaret Thatcher tribute act whose economic analysis and solutions are at least thirty years out of date. so we descend deeper into destitution and chaos after leaving the EU. How do we cheer ourselves up and move on .....the inhabitants of this Banana  Monarchy on the edge of the N. Atlantic run by idiotic incompetent people?

My answer has been to get a dog, a black Labrador puppy who is ever cheerful and playful, she tries hard to please me and is totally disinterested in politics. I started to look for a Labrador puppy back in 2020 during the Covid lock down but prices were sky high, up to £3,000. The Scottish Labrador Club had given up its re-homing scheme as it was overwhelmed by demand. Then out of the blue the niece of a friend of Janet's had a litter of eight, unsold and not too expensive. Janet and my son Rob went down to Yorkshire to choose one and came back with two, one for him and one for me, Coco.

Bringing a puppy into the house is of course totally disruptive, demanding and delightful especially for an elderly Crofter and  puppies become dogs,,,,,, big dogs in the case of Labs. An example of disruption,,,,,,,,I have just had to get up from the computer leave the warmth of the sitting room and let her out into the black, wet and windy night for a pee! 

What am I going to do with an adult dog, at my age you may ask. If you have been paying attention to previous posts you'll be aware that I'm a deer stalker and have spent quite a lot of time hunting with professionals, they mostly have dogs  to help find deer and to track any that may be wounded. I'll have to train her of course, basic obedience first then tracking, This should keep us both fit and companionable. 

PS. One more benefit dogs need a walk before bed usually at about 10 pm so I miss the BBC News and what our government , the English National Party,  have or have not been doing today.