Thursday 14 February 2013

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Alpha male

I have had three Ixworth cockerels running together with three pullets since they were hatched last summer. They co-existed peacefully until today. After breakfast I found one dead and another lying on his back with his feet in the air totally exhausted. There had been a fight to the death.

 A bit like sheep, big heavy cockerels have difficulty getting on their feet when "coupit".

St. Valentine's Day is supposed to be when the birds get together at the start of the breeding season. The poultry must have got the same message and that is what started the fight. The dead cockerel was still twitching when I got there so he is now marinading in red wine with a view to becoming Coq au Vin tomorrow.

Marinading male

In the morning together with; celery, carrots, onions, garlic, bay leaf and thyme I'll boil it and reduce the wine to about half its volume. The meat will then floured and browned mixed with previously cooked lardons then mushrooms and a dash of cognac will be added and it'll all be cooked very slowly in the bottom of the Rayburn oven.


andy niblock said...

Sounds good to me...enjoy.

Unknown said...

At least you haven't wasted his life.