Wednesday 3 April 2013

Early lambs

Our tup, a Charollais x Texel goes in with the ewes on 15th November, this means we can expect the first lamb 145 days later (10 days forward and 5 days back) the 10th April. So big surprise yesterday (2nd April) when I fed the ewes in the morning, one was missing. I found her a few minutes later sheltering behind a wall with two lambs.

How did that happen? ......More than a week early. 
Well Alistair looked in his diary and on 11th November he found Nan's tup in with our ewes. He turned it back into its home field but by then he'd obviously been at work.

The day was dry and sunny and Nan 's tup is a very good Texel so no complaints, two good lambs doing well in the sunshine.

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