Sunday 17 May 2015

Something nice in the woodshed

Image by "Raptor"
If you want to heat your house, your water and to cook using firewood its a lot of work, a second part-time job. This week I spent three days hauling wood from the Forestry Commission firewood depot. The plan was to saw, split and stack it in the woodshed.

The stacking was stymied by a, "force majeure", hen blackbird nesting in an empty log basket.

This is a far from secure nest site. Mimi the wildcat hybrid can't get in but the shed is designed for drying wood with gaps between the wall cladding that are no problem for a pine marten.

Mimi looking fierce "Raptor"
Mimi seems to prefer small furry creatures, they provide much more entertainment and can be stored under the sofa for later.

Mean while the cut wood has been tipped in the sheep house, a long carry to the wood burner.

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