Tuesday 30 June 2015

Farmhouse cheese rant!

Safe and hygienic in the fridge
I suspect that some of you will be holidaying in rural France this summer and buying cheese at village markets. the cheese may have been made in a wooden shack on a Corsican mountain side or in a farmhouse kitchen despite the myriad regulations that apply to cheese making, storage and marketing in the EU but sensibly ignored in parts of the world's most civilised country. If attention is paid to clean milk production, hygienic processing and storage  nobody will be ill or die as a result of eating farmhouse cheese.

My cheese is made from fresh, clean, pasteurised milk with utensils that have been sanitised in a clean kitchen environment ( no cats or dogs allowed). I am allowed to eat this cheese (Kilchoan Crofter) myself or to give it to friends and family but can't sell it.

Any day I can find "Farmhouse cheese" in the supermarket, its never been anywhere near a farmhouse but it is deemed safe and appeals to some notion of a lost rural idyll.

You are able to buy" horse-burger"', wine sweetened with anti-freeze and sugary drinks coloured with industrial dyes but not artisan farmhouse cheese.

Thank you for your patience I needed to get that off my chest.

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