Wednesday 19 August 2015

Haylage baled, wrapped and stored in beautiful weather in 48 hours.

Haylage is something between silage at 30 to 40 % dry matter and hay at 20 %. Yesterday it was warm, sunny and fragrant, like S. California after what seemed like months of rain and wind. The grass was cut on Sunday afternoon then baled and shrink wrapped yesterday afternoon at about 50 - 60 per cent dry matter.

There are fewer  bales than last year, partly because we baled less water and partly because growing conditions haven't been ideal.

The last swath that wouldn't quite make a bale I turned a couple of times in the sun and wind then stored it loose in the shed, it will keep the goats going for a week or two, its greener, fresher and looks all together more appetising than last years dry dusty stuff.

The last job is to spray paint faces on the end of the bales to keep the seagulls off then fence round to keep the sheep out.

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