Friday 16 October 2015

Italian egg layers - Ancona bantams arrive

These Ancona bantams are Scots / Italians.

Originally imported from Italy in the mid 19th century but bred in Fife for the last 50 years by Joe Stenhouse and his father before him. If all you want is eggs, no meat for the pot, then bantams, especially these are ideal

They don't take up much space, they are decorative, friendly and  great egg layers, Joe's strain does over 240  a year quite large white eggs and of course they eat half as much as large fowl.

So far these have been kept indoors to accustom them to their new housing then they'll be let out to range and rake about. I am told that they are friendly but a bit flighty so need to be approached and handled calmly and quietly.

Next job is to find or hatch an unrelated male to produce hatching eggs in the  Spring

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