Tuesday 29 December 2015

Mull of Kintyre to Ardnamurchan Point severe gale 9 to storm force 10

It's 4.15 pm it's dark and the wind is howling. The Norwegians (yr.no) and the UK met Office are both forecasting severe gales (23 m / sec) for the next 12 hours increasing to storm force 10 ( 28 m / sec). For those of you in the USA still using imperial measure that's 51 mph increasing to 68 mph with gusts of up to 80 mph.

So I spent the afternoon trying to anticipate the 80 mph stuff and it looks as if everything might be sufficiently battened down  Along with the gale there is probably 50 mm (2 inches Ian) rain on the way, not too bad by our standards just high humidity. But Jenny Wren the highland pony was still out on the hill, she is tough and rugged up but we decided that she could spend the night indoors.

Despite not having been indoors for some years she remembered that it means a good dry bed and old hay she walked straight into the old byre without any problems.

This continuous wild, wet windy weather has kept Mimi inside much of the time for the last three weeks, she is obviously bored. For a little light relief slashes my arm if I get close. That's something they don't tell you about wild cat hybrids. I'm running out of TCP and plasters.

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