Friday 15 January 2016

The world's most spectacular scheduled bus route - Loch Sunart Corniche

Meeting the ferry from Tobermory 8.00 am
Nice to Menton along the "Grande Corniche" is one of the world's spectacular drives; the Alpes Maritime on your left and the Mediterranean littoral on your right. It's mainly used by tax exiles and gamblers to get back to Monaco and of course car chase sequences in James Bond movies.

For us there's an even better drive, "Loch Sunart Corniche" from Kilchoan to Corran Ferry, ideally with a bus pass, through forty five  miles of Scotland's finest scenery.

Rum and Eigg from Kilmory Junction 
I thought, "there  has to be a list somewhere of the world's most spectacular scheduled bus services and our's should be number one.

 There isn't a list!  I just googled it.  So have  claimed  it as number one in the world with the title of this post.  Now anyone who Googles .... "World's most spectacular scheduled bus route"  will discover it, it will go viral and Martin our driver will be famous.

The bus leaves Kilchoan at ten minutes to eight exactly but arrival time in Fort William can vary because of snow, ice, road traffic accidents, rough seas, straying
Sgurr Donhuil, Strontian
livestock, deer and slow drivers. It usually gets to town at about ten fifteen

There is a downside to this. If tourists flock here.... there may not be room for us.

The journey, between the mountains and the sea takes you through the Sunart Temperate Rain Forest in Glenborrowdale. then down to Strontian where you get a glimpse of Sgurr Donhuill through the trees, it's the highest point on the peninsula. Up and over the Tarbet Pass below Gulvain and on down to Ardgour and the Corran Ferry.
The Glencoe peaks

Spread before you are Glencoe and the Mamores snow covered and shining in the winter sun.

There are twenty miles between Kilchoan and Salen then another ten to Strontian with a lot of wild country and wildlife in between. I have seen otters, eagles and deer from the bus.

The Corniche ends at the Corran Ferry, it's a further eight miles to Fort William.

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