Wednesday 6 May 2020

Did you enjoy your Dinosaur eggs for breakfast?

First find a mouse
Hens (chickens in the USA) are highly intelligent, they can negotiate complex mazes in return for rewards, they learn quickly, for example they expect me to be out there in the late afternoon to feed them some grain and as soon as they see me around that time they come running like cartoon chickens.

Genetically hens are highly diverse, visit a local poultry show and you will see 30 or 40 different breeds because of there dinosaur ancestry.

Research shows that my hens are evolved from and are the most closely related to ancient feathered dinosaurs. They have more microchromosomes  and a more diverse genome than  any other bird species, just like the feathered dinosaurs.

This morning I watched what looked like a small bit of dinosaur behaviour; a hen swallowing a mouse whole. Luckily I had my camera phone with me and my birds are extremely tame. Poultry will eat almost anything they find palatable, whole grain, insects, earthworms, grass and this morning mice.

Then swallow it whole- headfirst of course

If you enjoyed an egg for breakfast this morning that was laid by free range hens perhaps it was mouse in the hen's diet that made it taste so good.

This mouse was supplied by Mimi the cat she leaves them outside (most of the time) as gifts for me.

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