Saturday 17 March 2012

The Golden Egg

I was given two freshly laid goose eggs today so how to cook them? The Romans thought that a goose egg eaten on the day it was laid was the, "golden egg" so better not waste it. They are big...three times the weight of a hen's egg. Oeufs brouilles with mushrooms looks good, French scrambled eggs cooked very slowly in a bain marie.

Hen egg 67g Goose egg 183g
No wild a handful of the supermarket variety, no parsley in the poly-tunnel so will use tarragon and some chives. I am cheating of course, the recipe is in , The Country Cooking of France by Anne Willan. It involves cooking the egg (two  would be far too much) very slowly over a low heat while constantly stirring, for about 20 mins. Then stir in the sauteed mushrooms, season  and serve with good bread.
Improvised bain marie

If small farmers are going to feed the world then we need to supply a local, market of discriminating customers who really enjoy food like these goose eggs and don't mind paying a small premium for quality. Can't resist a bit of propaganda from time to time.

The finished product minus the cream, that would have been too much.

The goose poster hangs in my porch / egg packing station. I bought it on Ebay and its by a British artist living in France, you can buy it too. Hope I'm not infringing his copyright. It was too good an opportunity not to use it.

Fourteen Emden goose eggs in the big incubator all appeared to be fertile last night when I candled them so the village will be over run by giant white geese this summer.


Anonymous said...

for anyone who still does baking they are excellent in Victoria sandwich cakes.
or any other baking.

Superb as omlettes.

Boiled eggs.... just too big and tricky to get perfect!

Anonymous said...

Pilgrim geese, the male and female have different coloured feathers.Therefore it is easy as soon as they hatch to tell sexes apart.
You only need one gander to several female geese.

Anonymous said...

Geese make excellent guard "dogs"

Keep them very safe from foxes... who will kill them all given half a chance.