Wednesday 30 May 2012

Happy, L'il critters"

The ducks are in the hay park just below the kitchen window. You don't have to stand and watch them for long before you realise what interesting birds they are. They are happy, "L'il critters" with just a few basic needs; food, water, the company of other ducks, more water and a secure pen. Give them all this and they'll be thrilled.

When they discover water deep enough to dunk their heads in, muddy puddle, bucket or pond they joyfully splash and preen. Between bouts of splashing they sleep ( in the shade today) and eat just about anything organic they can find; lettuce, cabbage, worms, growers pellets but best of all fresh grass. If you want to know what sex they are the ducks quack the gander doesn't. He's at the top left corner wth the dark head and green bill.

The geese aren't so happy go lucky. They're a bit stiff, stuck up and spiteful chasing the ducks off the water or out of their preferred patch of shade.

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Jon said...

Thoroughly enjoying your blog, Tom - amusing but always informative. Keep up the good work.