Friday 24 August 2012

Some of the world's rarest ducklings

The little red and yellow hen (Silkie x Lt. Sussex) has just hatched  four Shetland ducklings from six eggs. These are  not for me I hasten to add. I have enough poultry. These are for Innis Ferguson at Sonachan, I promised him ducklings in the Spring but his duck house wasn't ready, now it is so they'll be installed soon.

The Shetland Duck was saved from extinction by Mary Isbister a Shetland Crofter who also breeds Shetland geese and cattle.

Shetland ducks
Shiny black feet, legs and bills

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MrsL said...

Lovely! My firt three Shetland ducklings hatched last night, and there are three eggs still in the incubator. Second attempt, as broody Muscovy decided she didn't like the first lot! Thrilled to bits so far. I have 5 1/2 week old Sctos Dumpy chickens now too. Lovely blog, just found you :)