Tuesday 21 August 2012

Stall feeding goats

I'm stall feeding the goats like an African farmer, carrying cut branches in to them. In Africa its to keep them under control to stop them destroying crops but I'm doing it until their paddock is fenced.   They get a mixture of sycamore, hazel and bramble plus weeds, rose-bay willow herb and knapweed . Pruning the lower overhanging branches doesn't harm the trees and the goats love it as a supplement to their hay. They don't get too much though as it might upset their digestive system.

This why they're called straining posts

John Alec and Dougie are nearly finished the fencing so the kids will be outside next week when the weather is fine. The next bit of expense is a field shelter so they can stay out all day whatever the weather. One reason for choosing Toggenburgs is that they are reputed to be hardier and more weatherproof than other breeds

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