Sunday 4 November 2012

Shopping for goats

My friends in the village, Dale and her partner Rob want to keep a goat but don't have enough land or a building. So I suggested a kind of co-operative venture. They could keep a goat with mine share the expense (pro rata) and from time to time some of the work because keeping goats is quite tying and its difficult to get away.

Yesterday we went looking for an in kid goatling. First to the Guilden herd north of Dundee. Gordon Smith and Gordon Webster have been breeding top quality, Royal Highland Show winning British Toggenburgs and Saanens here since 1971. They had an in kid BT goatling for sale because it is too light a colour for showing. This is "Shorty", not her pedigree name,  lying just inside the gate and looking relaxed. She has been mated and if she doesn't come back into heat she will kid in March 2013.

 After Monikie we drove up towards Glenshee and Denise Ferguson's Toggenburg herd at Bridge of Cally. This is one of her "boys" a model for the original "billy goat gruff" perhaps.
Denise had two beautiful and well grown Togg goatlings ready for mating
After 14 hrs and 380 miles on the road the final decision is up to Dale. Watch this space!

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