Sunday 26 May 2013

Emergency B&B

From time to time visitors to West Ardnamurchan turn up late in the evening and at the peak season have difficulty finding a bed for the night. On Thursday John Chapell had two benighted travelers looking for beds at about eight o clock after we had just been discussing this possibility in the afternoon when I said I would do B&B in an emergency. This would be frugal B&B, no en suite bathroom, no tea making facilities, cockerels crowing from 4.30am and no fried breakfast. However, "on parle Fran├žais", after a fashion... a fashion easily recognised by French people because I learned my French in Quebec forty years ago.

My visitors were delightful and appreciative of a non traditional breakfast of muesli, boiled eggs, fresh bread and goats milk.

I don't want to make a habit of this largely because of the laundry and cleaning so next time benighted travelers will be directed to the Ardnamurchan campsite where Trevor now has his flat, "The Bothy" available.

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