Friday 7 June 2013

Morning milking

You probably think that its a chore getting up in the morning to milk a goat. It certainly isn't at the moment. The goats are pleased to see us, the sun is shining and its hot. Once you start there's the rhythmic squirting of the milk into the pail, swallows darting through the half door and the tinkling bells of the young goats in their pen. Its a great way to start the day.

I should add that, as predicted Pia produced her own body weight (70 kg) in milk in the last 18 days; sweet, creamy milk that doesn't smell of goat.

Its not necessary to start milking at 5.00am as with cows, goats are much more accommodating and relaxed about the milking routine. They don't mind visitors, let their milk down easily and don't kick the milk pail.  Pia does get bored though if you are milking too slowly.

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