Friday 9 August 2013

A feast of local produce

Tony at work
Its been a tough day for me and the poultry since I started at 8.30 this morning. Six 3.5 kg Bresse Gauloise cockerels have been prepared for Kate and Graeme's wedding next month. It took three hours to pluck them then Tony arrived after lunch to do the butchery which converted them to sixty portions of chicken, he's used to large scale quality catering as RSM in the Army Catering Corps.

I've cleaned up the blood, bagged up the guts and left the meat to "hang" for 24 hrs before it goes into the freezer. We are trying to make this wedding feast a celebration of local food too; chicken, eggs, seafood, veg from the community garden, raspberries from my garden and enough home made cheese to give everyone a taste.

Its got to be time for a shower then a glass of  Benromach malt.... slanje!

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