Sunday 16 February 2014

Trainee goatherd takes to the hills

Wee G practicing the Royal wave
At last the sun is out, its warm and windless the perfect day for goats and humans to get out on the hill. Since November we've all been cooped up indoors all need exercise and vitamin D.  My Granddaughter has started to walk (on smooth surfaces not the hill) so its time to learn about goat herding on her mother's back. You can't actually herd goats. They decide to follow you if they think you might be a competent leader. We only need head collars and harnesses to get them across the road and then they are free.

Up by the common grazing we met
Lichens and mosses
Alistair and his dog "Don" who got a bit excited but he remembered that last time Pia, "pittheheidoanim" (head butted him) so he wisely kept his distance.

No grazing today just nibbling lichens, mosses and tips of rushes. No jumping and skipping either, it must be motherhood that's sobered them up.

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