Monday 10 February 2014

Ultra sound scan for the goats : One pair of twins and two singles

The man with the sheep scanner was here today so I walked the three goats down to Pat MacPhail's croft to find out how many kids they are carrying. Its is importatnt to know how many foetuses the goats have so that they can be fed appropriately. The growing foetus doubles in size in the last six weeks of pregnancy so the mothers need a high energy / high protein diet to support this and growth of milk secreting tissue in the udder.

The scanner in action
They walked up into the crate without any fuss and stood still for the examination because they are so used to being handled and of course are far more intelligent than sheep. I couldn't make head nor tail of the ultra sound image from where I was standing but the scanner man has been doing this for thirty years.

Pia is carrying twins ( due around 22nd March) Hebe and Acorn each have a single due the first weekend in March. Pia will need extra rations but we will have to be more sparing with the other two so that their kids are not too big and difficult to deliver.

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