Thursday 24 April 2014

Lamb killer about

Forty something years ago when I was doing a hill  lambing in Glenisla I did my first round of the lambing ewes at 4.30 am, one morning I found 12 dead lambs, most headless and some legless.  A fox had done it in a killing frenzy.

The severed leg
At lunchtime Kate found the fore leg of a newborn lamb by the gate to the hill park. It had been severed from the body as if by an axe, cut clean through the bone a fox modus operandi.

How the leg got there I don't know, it wasn't there in the morning when I took the goats up. Perhaps a bold daytime traveling fox dropped it or it had been picked up by a crow or buzzard and then dropped.

There is a lamb killing fox about, Rosie, Hughie and Elaine have all lost lambs in the last three days.    
A walk round the hill with the rifle before bedtime might be a good idea.

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