Friday 25 July 2014

West Highlands too hot for goats

More comfortable in the shade
This evening I have kept the goats indoors, in the shade. Its seven o clock and 28 degrees.

I love it but the goats are suffering; their tongues are lolling out, they are panting and drinking enormous amounts.  Its strange when they were originally domesticated in hot arid mountain regions , they thrive in the deserts of Arabia and make a major contribution to animal production in the tropics.

But in the 6000 years since they were first domesticated goats inhabit just about every climatic zone from the Arctic to hot tropics. It must be that different breeds have become  acclimatised to these  regions. Some Indian research that I turned up showed that Indian goats sweated at up to nine times the rate of Saanen goats when kept at the same temperatures.

Of course it won't last there is rain and wind forecast for tomorrow when they'll want to stay in because of the wet cold.

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