Tuesday 19 August 2014

Firewood sawing and splitting for the elderly

I used to enjoy splitting logs by hand especially ash and beech that split easily and with a satisfying,"crack". But I'm older now and the wood is different; gnarled, twisted and knotty,  spruce mainly.  The maul just bounces off it, or is it me?

We elderly wood burners have been saved by Finnish engineering. Its a petrol engine powered circular saw and log splitter. It arrives at your log pile and splits a tonne of logs an hour.

Previously a tonne of logs took me the best part of a day. All you are required to do is to hand the logs up to Hughie who operates the machine.

The log is placed upright in a steel box that is pushed forward on to a screw that drives into the wood followed by a wedge....then presto......the log splits and is thrown on the pile....simples.

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