Tuesday 9 September 2014

Its the "Terroir"that makes the difference....Goats cheese and the environment

I think it was General de Gaulle who claimed that a country with 900 different cheeses was impossible to govern. I am just back from A walking holiday in France where we were tasting some of those 900 cheeses.
Alpine and Saanen goats in their "Chevrerie"
On the limestone plateau above the Dordogne river they make some remarkable cheese under the generic title of "Rocamadur" . These are soft "chevre" type cheeses with unique flavour and delicious texture. So why can't I make cheese like this I asked?

The responses were always, "le terroir", in other words the total cheese making  environment; its what the goats eat; herbs, grasses, shrubs and good herb rich hay. Then of course there is the experience of the cheese makers and the storage conditions. Basically they were telling me you no chance of making anything like this in Scotland.

I'll just have to persevere. The fall back position is that if there is reincarnation I'm putting my name down now to come back as a an "eleveur des chevres" and artisan cheese maker in southern France.  But I'm told I'll have to work on improving my karma or I'll be back as a cockroach.

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