Tuesday 30 September 2014

Free tasting of "Kilchoan Crofter" cheese.

According to Dormouse,  saving the labels from the cheese that I ate on holiday means I'm a "Geek".

I see it as further evidence of my love for all things French and cheesy, that's why they are stuck on the cheese cupboard door. Cabecou and Rocamadour, small "chevre" cheeses with distinctive taste and texture from the Quercy region of south central France.

This is the standard I'm aiming for in my cheese making and I'm still a long way off achieving it.

 On holiday I questioned goat farmers, waiters and hotel patrons, "what is it that gives these cheeses their distinctive qualities" the answer was, "le terroir". In other words the environment the soil, the vegetation, the climate and of course the cheese maker's experience.

David and Michelle tell me that my cheese is good and getting better, I believe them, Michelle is French after all and qualified to judge.  Although the "terroir" can't be replicated in Lochaber perhaps I can make a cheese of similar distinction if I persevere.

If you are passing call in and try it. It's a free tasting because I don't meet any of the regulations and so can't sell it and I value your opinion. If I was French and living in France ( the most civilised country in the World) I would just ignore the regulations and sell it anyway.

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