Sunday 21 September 2014

Slow!......Children and animals

My house and the croft buildings are on opposite sides of  an unclassified road, its narrow and visibility isn't good. Despite this the national speed limit applies, sixty miles an hour!

Four times a day we cross the road with goats, before and after milking.

 Hens rake about the verges doing "traffic calming" and now my grand daughter is walking and crossing the road, albeit under supervision.

From time to time we have a drove of sheep crossing from the hill and down to the fank ( sheep pens).

Most drivers approach the buildings with caution, some don't. Time to do something about it so I have put up a weatherproof warning at one end and a hand lettered notice on a black board at the other.  The black board was a lot cheaper but the yellow and black looks more authoritative.

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