Saturday 13 September 2014

Quadcopter over Craigard

Is it a bird......?
Mike and Alasdair are at Cruachan this weekend with the latest aerial photography gizmo, the "Octocopter" a remote controlled drone. They are surveying the Ormsaigbeg landscape and its archaeology.  The goats were fascinated by this little aircraft as it buzzed around the croft at high speed about 50' above the ground. Images are transmitted back to Mike's hand held control box and display screen.

They stood together watching and snorting, slightly alarmed. Did they think it was a rather noisy goat eating bird of prey perhaps? Then I thought,
Crigard Croft from space
no! they are too intelligent for that they are just fascinated by high tech gizmos and the antics of the humans that come with them.

The hens took cover immediately but of course they are bird brains.


Anonymous said...

Small point of information Tom, this was actually a Quadcopter unit rather than the larger Octocopter. I've told you a million times to stop exaggerating. Alasdair

Tom Bryson said...

I wondered why you kept on calling it an optocopter when it only has four propellers.