Saturday 8 November 2014

Frenzied attack on the ewes? or over zealous marking?

Anyone looking into the hay park this morning might think that there had bee a frenzied attack on the ewes, blood everywhere on at least four of them. Not so! I just used too much red keel. The tup went out among them yesterday and as you know from watching "Countryfile" and listening to "The Archers" its an aid to management if the tup marks each ewe as he mates with her.

Normally these days Shepherds use a leather harness fitted with a coloured crayon over the tup's breastbone but these things are cumbersome and must be uncomfortable. I prefer to use the old method, I mix up coloured powders chalk with cooking oil then apply it between the tup's forelegs with a stick. I was too enthusiastic. That's why it looks like a bloodbath.

Next time, in a couple of weeks I'll change the colour and be a bit more careful.

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