Wednesday 19 November 2014

Good year for honey production

Ms. Mimi was excluded from the kitchen this morning, no cats or dogs allowed  It was time to extract the honey, strain it, bottle it and label the jars. That means huge potential for stickiness on door knobs, floors, worktops etc in fact in can be spread very quickly throughout the house.

Most of the nectar was collected in late summer (August to late September) so there is a high proportion of heather honey in the usual flower mix and this means it doesn't flow very well. Normally flower honey can be spun out of the cells in a centrifugal extractor but heather honey needs to be pressed out.

The honey loaded cells are cut from the frame, put in a muslin bag then into the press.
as the screw turns honey is expelled through the stainless steel mesh sides, down to the trough in the base and then the spout into a sieve and finally a stainless steel bucket.

I always think that buying honey jars before the end of the season is tempting fate so I tend to re-cycle all kinds of glass jars with tightly sealed screw tops. After all its not for sale, its for family use and gifts for friends.

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