Wednesday 18 February 2015

New evidence - Organically grown food is nutritonally superior to conventionally grown food

Mimi still sceptical
For forty years I have been a sceptic about the value of organic farming and organically grown food. I argued that the population had never been better fed than in the years following 1939 and that people had never been more neurotic about what they ate.  I was wrong!

A large, peer reviewed scientific study  carried out by the University of Newcastle and reported in the,  British Journal of Nutrition, has shown that organic food has a higher nutritional value than its non organic counterparts.

This study  of 343 scientific papers resulted in strong, statistically reliable evidence showing that:
  • Production method affects quality
  • Organic foods have more antioxidants and fewer potentially harmful compounds
  • There are health benefits including protection against, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological disease.
  • There is a significant reduction of pesticide residues in organic food
I should add that Dormouse has been buying organic food for years, more recently from Riverford Organics,  despite my scepticism I do find it tastes better, could be her cooking.

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