Monday 6 July 2015

Jenny Wren : Arab x Highland pony arrives

 A big surprise for Rosie and Connie, Sue Cameron's grand daughters this morning; a pony arrived for them.

Jenny Wren is an Arab x Highland pony, good looking but sturdy, the good looks from the Arab genes and the toughness from the Highland genes.
She must be tough and hardy she has been out wintered on wind swept Hebridean island for three years without a shelter.

Formerly a trekking pony on Mull she seems quiet and well mannered but hungry. As soon as the head collar came off her head was down and she was eating. We'll have to keep an eye on her she could get fat very quickly up there.

The plan is for the girls to ride her under their Grandmother's supervision while they are here in the school holidays and as Gracie is now two and a half its time that she can get started.

Up to the hill
Tough, hardy and good looking

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