Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) .......... Good for Kilchoan's livestock producers.

Livestock on the way to Mull
My uncle Dave was a butcher. Out the back of the shop was the, " Killin hoose", better known as a slaughter house but today we would call it an "abattoir" sensibilities have changed. Here on the peninsula we don't have an abattoir, the nearest is on Mull a 25 mile round trip from Kilchoan. Until the end of October the only practical abattoir to use was at Grantown on Spey a 300 mile round trip.

With the advent of the RET and much cheaper ferry tickets the Salen abattoir is the best option, its sixteen pounds for a return ticket, takes less than half a day to get there, unload and get home. this opens up a whole range of possibilities for marketing livestock products we can sell direct to the customer.

The abattoir does a complete job including butchering, packing and even delivery. A "Farmer's Market" is now a real possibility where Crofters can sell their lamb, beef, goat and even venison. If salads, vegetables, fruit, seafood, free range eggs, baking and preserves are added to the mix it will be worth a visit by locals and summer visitors. The first is scheduled for 9th May 2016. 

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