Wednesday 24 February 2016

Evening sun and tide on Kilchoan Bay

It's been one of those magnificent W. Highland days cold but sunny, no wind and barely a ripple on the sea .

So I took myself off to the shore to sit and watch the tide come in with the evening light. Hence the fuzzy pictures taken with a long lens in low light. I like the watercolour effect.

The heron was standing on the reef when I arrived, it didn't move and was still there after and hour along with a raft of widgeon.

Ben Talla could have been a peak in the greater ranges; the Rockies, Himalayas or Andes if you half closed your ideas and imagined. You would have to remove the Tobermory lighthouse too.

I had hoped that there might be an otter at low tide but no; the cockle gatherer in his high vis jacket must have scared them off.

The oystercatchers escorted me back the way I came just practicing for when they nest next month when they will be dive bombing and shrieking at anyone near their nest.

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