Monday 1 February 2016

Storm Henry - can't get my eyes tested because the sea is too rough.

This naming of storms is just feeding our obsession with the wild weather. There are huge waves out in the Sound, I can barely see out of the window and I'm expecting another power cut  - situation normal here.

On the AIS ( the shipping movements website) there is one brave skipper fishing west of the Uists, everyone else seems to be sheltering in Stornoway harbour and there isn't anything at sea in the Minch. All that needs it is battened down, there isn't much else to do except wait for the inevitable power cut.

You do get a few minutes warning of a cut, the lights flicker, come back on, flicker, then they are off. On Friday night they were off for twelve hours. The power cut kit is all at hand, Tilley lamp, oil lamp, portable radio and head torch. The house stays warm and I can cook because the Rayburn is wood fuelled. So my immediate needs are met..... but it can be boring.

Power cut kit
The router goes off so no Guardian website, no surfing, no email, no land line. The plug in phone works and the mobile. Hot water isn't a problem, wood firing again. Each time I have wanted to go to Oban for an eye test since December the sea has been too rough so no ferries when I wanted them.

At this rate we should soon be hit by storms Xavier, Yvonne and Zarathustra.

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