Tuesday 19 April 2016

Elderly Crofter requires elderly sheep dog.......

Sheep dog wanted

Elderly Crofter; Lame, deaf and short sighted
requires similar sheep dog for light work.
Must walk to heel and lie down on command.
 No car chasers need apply.
Daily walks ( slow), clean, warm, large, dry, draught free kennel
Good food and health insurance provided

During last winter my neighbour Alisdair's dog , Don, died. He would never be a trials dog but we did rely on him to move sheep into the fank. They will only follow a bucket of feed so far then they just laugh at you and run away grinning despite much shouting and stick waving.

I did have a young dog for a while, you may remember, Mac, but he wasn't cut out for the job and he was a car chaser which is often fatal. He now leads a leisurely life down in the English Midlands. My previous dog Roy could handle sheep and cattle take a drove on the road and was invaluable in the lambing field. Max suffered by comparison. Other endearing traits included his dislike of men in woolly hats, tractor salesmen and uniforms.

So I thought," there must be a Shepherd out there who has many dogs, some of them nearing retirement. One of these dogs could still be useful for scaring old ewes and forcing them into the pens.

He or she ( the dog) could be jointly looked after, wouldn't need training and might appreciate a good billet in the," Craigard Twilight Home for Collies". I'll have to discuss it with Alasdair.

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