Friday 8 April 2016

Farm yard eggs a new and better class of free range egg

A good image says it all
Commercial free range  egg producers keep hundreds of hens in large, climate controlled houses the hens have access to a bit of grass but often prefer to stay inside. The welfare standards are high and the eggs are good quality but ours are better.... they are "farm yard eggs".

The hens on the label scavenge everywhere, the midden, the sheep house, the fields  and the byre. In the process they pick up a vast range of edibles; worms, insects, plants and I have even seen one eat a mouse. They have the highest welfare standards a varied diet, exercise and regular sex thanks to Asterix ( the Gauloise).

Novelty eggs for small customers
Farm yard eggs are the best with orange yolks, two distinct layers of albumen and of course flavour. Most of them are bought by passing visitors who can also see the hens at work so why bother with labels for the egg boxes?

I hope the label identifies, describes  and promotes the eggs, gives a good impression and looks a bit more professional than recycled boxes with the original label scratched out. We'll see....

The bantam eggs are popular with small customers and the staff canteen at the International Headquarters of Oxford Abstracts here in the village.

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