Thursday 14 September 2017

Pine marten on the roof......................... a musical wildlife video

This is our first attempt at a full length ( 1 minute) wildlife film with a musical backing.

A condensed version of a day in the life of Peanut the one eyed pine marten in the Campbell's roof space. She works the night shift then comes home at about 6.30 am,  squeezes between the roof tiles and the rain gutter to get in  above the sitting room where  it's warm, dry and safe.

She stays indoors until 8.30 pm when she leaves for work. this  involves hunting small furry creatures, small feathered creatures in season and killing my hens if she gets a chance.

We think she has lost an eye as only one is reflecting light.

This is what we do on wet afternoons in the W. Highlands.


littlegrebe said...

This was fun! (Though maybe I'd worry slightly if it was my roofspace; do martens idly chew wires when bored?)

Tom Bryson said...

They can be a nuisance in houses. The usual solution is to trap them and relocate some miles away. Obviously this is traumatic for the marten. So we are going to provide a den box outside of the roof and try to entice her to use that. Watch this space. These are a protected Schedule 1 species.

Michael said...

Great video. Could become the Oxford Abstracts mascot?

Tom Bryson said...

I'll put it to the CEO when she gets home.

Tom Bryson said...

There is another drawback to having pine martens in the roof...... the smell! but the martens don't seem to mind.