Tuesday 19 December 2017

Firewood splitting ............. porridge beats petrol.

Powered by porridge
Having the wood shed close to the road is a big advantage. People passing by stop to watch and often want to have a go. this morning some really big logs needed to be split with a wedge as in the photograph.

Two people taking alternate swings at the wedge with big wood splitting mauls soon demolished the heap of logs that I sawed earlier.

Plus.... they feel good as a result of  exercise in the, "green gym"and no oil has been burned to the drive process. Of course you need the passing volunteers so it's not terribly reliable.More business for the physiotherapist too.

An electrically powered hydraulic ram again operated by a volunteer is quiet, effective but a bit slow and they are expensive pieces of kit.

A towable petrol engined machine can deal with lots of really big stuff but they are expensive and need two people to operate them.

 On balance people with axes and fueled by porridge oats is cheaper, greener and healthier.

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