Tuesday 19 February 2019

Crispy squirrel with cauliflower and capers at the Roadkill Cafe.

If you have been paying attention you will know that we had a dinner in a "pop-up" restaurant in my workshop (Cafe Atelier) back in October.  Demand for another impromptu meal means that another is on the cards perhaps a, "Post- Brexit Apocalypse Dinner" on 30th March the day after Britain leaves the European Union. It should be an opportunity to get used to being a bunch of poverty stricken barbarians on the edge of the N. Atlantic once more. So this time it could be dinner at the,"Roadkill Cafe".

An alien invasive "crispy"species
Last week I was given three plump grey squirrels which had been humanely trapped and  dispatched by the Coquetdale Red Squirrel Group. Unfortunately I forgot them, they are still in Janet's freezer. Not to worry I have found some recipes for squirrel in Gil Meller's book on foraging and cooking, "Gather" . Crispy squirrel with cauliflower and capers would make an excellent entree.

My other choices for the menu; rabbit, pheasant and pigeon are relatively easy to find but the dessert should be "poverty food" such as coarse oatmeal with boiling water poured on to it. This is "brose" a rather unpleasant peasant breakfast in rural Scotland 50 years ago.

We will need a few malts of course to toast our totally incompetent and dysfunctional Prime Minister, the anarchist  Leader of the Opposition and the idiotic, sad, angry old men of the Conservative Party who got us into this mess.


littlegrebe said...

I wish I could come to this! I could even contribute a few more squirrels, all well fed on peanuts and sunflower hearts.

Unfortunately I'm hundreds of miles away in a Brexit heartland, represented by an MP who supports the Conservative Party through thick and thin (and I'm also of the age group perceived by the young as being responsible for this whole sorry mess).

I will be with you in spirit.

littlegrebe said...

I would love to come to this! I could bring a few plump sunflower seed and peanut fed squirrels from my garden....

Unfortunately I live several hundred miles to the south in a Brexit-voting, traditionally Conservative-voting area (and not only that, I am in the generation perceived by the young as being both of those things).

It's good to know you are up there in Ardnamurchan, hopefully sticking pins in wax images of our leaders!

Michael Mable said...

Very eloquently put, Tom. And, like your previous commenter, I also live in a (predominantly) Brexit-voting region of England. Even now, when I walk through town, I find myself looking at people and thinking, "Did you do this? Did you vote for this? Really...?"