Saturday 20 October 2012

Kids go wild on the hill

I brought the kids home in mid July, since then they have lived in their spacious, well ventilated loose bow with daily walks, weather permitting.

Today everything was ready for their release into the hill park.The boundary has been fenced. There's an electrified wire on top because goats like to climb fences. and I have spent the last two days digging up and carting away foxglove plants which are very toxic.

 As  soon as we turned them loose they went wild, running, jumping and whirling around in mid air.

Bouncing around  on the rocks is good for their feet and means less foot trimming for me. They did after all evolve in hot, dry mountains and they haven't lost the mountaineering skills.

After three months of semi-confinement they aren't quite as fit as they might be and they slowed down to a sedate walk with the goat herds. They are actually better behaved than dogs; they come when called, walk to heel and wait while you attache the lead. The dog isn't needed, in fact if he tries to herd them they either ignore him or head butt him

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