Monday 15 October 2012

Fire alarm ?

If you'd been driving into the village this afternoon you might have thought there was a huge fire. It wasn't smoke, just ground limestone, very dry ground limestone. Luckily there was no wind to carry it to washing lines and parked cars.

Spread at two tons an acre , 4.8 tonnes per ha., for readers in Brussels, it should have a strong neutralising effect on our acid soil for the next five years. This will mean that any fertilizer applied is more effectively used and plant growth will be stronger. The lambs might even grow more quickly.

Lime spreading is highly mechanised as you can see and we could not have done it without the help Elaine and Gillespie Cameron at Millburn who provided the loader, Ardnamurchan Estate supplied the spreader and Angie John did the driving.

Fields on four Kilchoan crofts that don't seem to have had lime applied in living memory are now on the way to being more fertile and productive.

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