Wednesday 6 November 2013

Start of another Shepherd's year : Our new Charollais tup goes in

The new Charollais tup went in with the ewes this afternoon (6th November). As you can see from the keel on the ewe he started work immediately.

This is ten days earlier than in previous years on the grounds that we'll be lambing indoors so the weather isn't quite such a problem and there should be earlier grass because the ewes will not have been out there eating it for three months before lambing.

When it comes to the lamb sales in August the lambs will be ten days older and that can make a difference in the sale ring, they are a bit bigger.

As you can see from the photograph this tup has a good meaty rear end and a long broad back all good points from the butcher's point of view. Charollais are also easier lambing, I'm told, because of the smaller head, we'll see.

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