Tuesday 5 November 2013

Goodbye Raffles : Gone but not forgotten

It's a lot quieter in the goat house today. On Sunday Raffles went home to Sheildrum and his pal Cyrus. I cleaned out his pen at the first opportunity. Although I have got used to his odour I'm told the village can do without it. Before he left I rubbed him all over with a cotton rag and put it is a screw top jar. The, "buck rag" will be useful if we think one of the girls is on heat, one sniff of the rag should put things beyond doubt.

Hebe and Acorn have not come back on heat but we won't be sure about Pia for another week. Then they can go off to the Vet for a PD ( pregnancy diagnosis) with the ultrasound scanner and look forward to a busy time in early March.

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