Wednesday 30 October 2013

Billy goat soap

When I offer Hughie milk in his tea he asks," is it billy goat milk?".
So if I'm making goats milk soap why not call it "Billy Goat Soap", its certainly eye catching. It probably wouldn't sell too well in the Jo Malone shop, but Jacqui's craft shop is a different matter. Its worth a try.
Billy goat soap

Goats milk is so versatile you can make cheese, butter, kefir, yoghurt and now soap. The milk is a natural, soothing moisturiser. This product has been tested by Dormouse and found satisfactory although she doesn't stray far from Jo Malone stuff in the black and white boxes. These boxes, by the way, are very useful in the workshop for storing nuts, bolts and screws they last for years.

I'm told that to sell in a craft shop your product has to be tied up with raffia. I have tried but as usual my gift wrapping looks as if I was wearing chainsaw gloves when I did it.

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