Sunday 6 October 2013

The Sheep House phase 1 : Digging the post holes

I've undertaken to dig all of the holes for the sheep house uprights, ex-hydro poles about 25cm in diameter and 4m long. they need to be at least 1m deep in a tight straight sided hole like a fence strainer. The ground is packed quarry waste with limestone rock underneath when you get down to about 750mm. Its hard going but luckily Phillipo an Italian stonemason living in the village offered to do it he must be 40 years younger than me so so he got the job, ten holes a metre deep.

The last one was hard rock, limestone, all the way down. It was luckily the last one. Had it been the first we might have given up, but a totally blunted drill bit and three hours late it was done. so its all ready for Jim Reid and his builders on Tuesday.

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