Sunday 6 October 2013

Mating rituals again : Hebe gets the hots!

The result of on-line dating for goats
When I went up to the hill to collect the girls at milking time there was a lot of bleating going on. Hebe was obviously in heat, bleating, wagging her tail from side to side and in a big hurry to get somewhere. Where? was pretty obvious, Mr Raffles smell must have reached Skye by now, she wanted to get to him. Shameless!

There's nothing romantic about goat mating, lots of sniffing then, "wham, bang.. thank you ma'am" and its over.

I hope it is. If she hasn't been fertilised then she'll be back in heat in about 20 days. If she has mated successfully the kid or kids will turn up on 6th March 2014 +/- 5 days.

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