Sunday 27 October 2013

Homeopathy for goats : It seems to work

Neither of them has horns I just like this silhouette
We've been waiting for Pia the British Toggenburg to come on heat for over a month. The other two were mated within a week of Raffles arriving here; their heats provoked by the season, pheromones and his seductive body odour, its a melange of rancid soap, lynx deodorant and goat urine. You have to be here to appreciate it. Despite his macho presence Pia was unmoved.....until this morning!

When she got up on the milking stand she was bleating, wagging her tail from side to side and trying to kick the milk pail over. Normally she is so easy to milk even when the shed is full of chattering visitors. After getting half the morning milk I gave up and penned her with big boy. They mated twice in as many minutes, a case of " slam bang, thank you Ma am", no finesse. She was up for it again at eleven when I went out to check on them so the performance was repeated.There's no sign of Hebe and Acorn coming on heat so hopefully they are in kid and due in early March.

Another homeopathic remedy

This time last week we were considering taking her to the Vet for an examination and perhaps a hormone induced heat. However, Kate, my daughter is a homeopath and she suggested an inducement; folliculinum. It seems to have worked, avoiding drug treatment and a Vet's bill.

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