Monday 21 October 2013

Tree surgery and energy saving

There was a time before tumble driers.  Then everyone, including the kindly condescending Toffs of Downton Abbey, ( I know, they had servants to do it!) dried their laundry on lines in the wind and sun. The energy cost was zero.

After the recent hike in energy prices, +10% here in the W.Highlands (Boondocks to our American readers) we will be paying 12p/Kw h. So that means my 700 watt tumble drier will cost 84p ($1.36) an hour to run. Its wasted money and adding to global warming.

Outdoor drying needs sun and wind but the drying green has become increasingly shaded by the sycamores along the boundary, they also reduce the wind speed. Amputation was called for to get more sun and moving air. Matt the tree surgeon had it done in less than an hour.

As a by product there is also a quantity of hardwood to go on the woodpile plus leaves and sycamore keys for
Eats shoots and leaves
the goats and fresher laundry..... a wind wind situation perhaps?

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