Tuesday 17 December 2013

An edible hedge and windbreak

300mm willow pegs 250mm apart
I need a fast growing hedge at the bottom of the hay park it's to provide a sunshade (we really do need this in summer) , a screen for the wire fence ( its new but unsightly) and a source of goat fodder. The fastest growing, cheapest to establish and most palatable tree for goats is willow.

Willow will grow from "pegs" these are branches a bit thicker than a pencil and up to 12mm in diameter cut to about  300mm in length. Two thirds of the peg are inserted in the ground, the right way up then firmed in and kept free of grass and weed competition until it's well established. The ground has to be damp but not waterlogged, the sandy / stony raised beach down in the corner should be ideal. I'll need to protect them from voles and rabbits with plastic tubes too.

David and Michelle got their willow by the burn pruned I got free willow pegs which have been planted using a round steel crowbar to make the initial hole. Just have to stand back and watch them grow.

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